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Saturday, February 8, 2014



Update: Thank you all so much for your support! As attached is the print screen of the US$500 donation to Doctors Without Borders that I made on 4/5/14. This couldn't be done without all the support and feedbacks, so thank you all so, so much! There're still some palettes left so this donation drive will continue until everything is sold out, please help to support! <3

To read more about Doctors without Borders, click here.

For Donations: That's Heart Palette-
$40 $32
What you will get: 1 That's Heart palette, free Certificate of Posting (the expense for Certificate of Posting 
will come from my own pocket)

Famed Beauty Guru, ThatsHeart, hand-picked these sweet and romantic shades to create this limited 
edition That's Heart eyeshadow and blush palette. Feminine and fun, the collection includes 8 eyeshadows a blush, bronzer & highligher, in shades that range from soft pops of color to neutrals.

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  1. Hi will it be possible to order just the itsjudytime palette (for donations) too? :)