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Sunday, December 7, 2014


Naturally Pretty Vol 1 Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette-$72  
(NEW! )
Swatches from here

Why You Will Love IT
Truly a beauty breakthrough! These 14 luxe matte Anti-Aging shadows were developed with leading plastic surgeons to instantly diffuse the look of lines and wrinkles on the eyes and lids. With the tap of a brush, each shade can transform from matte to pearl with our proprietary transforming pearl shade! So whether you love matte or pearl, you have the best of both worlds! All shades can also be used wet or dry as shadows or liners.
It’s a total beauty must-have that includes all the naturally pretty, universally flattering shades you need to take you from day to night, no matter what the occasion. Formulated without talc, these shadows are designed to make your lids look younger instead of older and are formulated with lid-loving ingredients including Peptides, Collagen, Silk and Antioxidants!
Key Benefits:
  • First ever transforming matte to pearl eyeshadow palette!
  • Can be used wet or dry as shadow or eyeliner
  • 56 possible colors (matte, pearl, wet, dry) with endless combinations!
Naturally Pretty Celebration Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette-$72  
(NEW! )

Swatches from here

Why You Will Love IT
Your Naturally Pretty Holiday Matte Eyeshadow Palette is the IT Cosmetics® breakthrough eye shadow formula in brand new shades for your most naturally pretty holiday. These 14 luxe anti-aging silk-infused eye shadows are all matte, perfect for women of all ages. The Transforming Ombre Radiance Ribbon is a completely unique shade, designed to be added to each of the matte shades creating a new pearlized color or adding a sheer golden veil with a simple swipe of a brush!
Utilizing cutting-edge technology exclusive to IT Cosmetics, these anti-aging eyeshadows instantly diffuse the look of lines and wrinkles on your eyes and lids. Lush matte pigment glides over the lids and your eyes are treated to anti-aging ingredients, such as as hydrolyzed collagen, acai, green tea and Vitamins A, C, & E and free of all the ingredients that make eyes appear older such as talc. This palette features the brand new Transforming Ombre Radiance Ribbon that instantly creates a new pearlized or golden color when you add over the matte color you love!
  • Snow Angel – matte soft cream
  • Champagne – matte pale peach
  • Cozy – matte soft ginger
  • Warm Wishes – matte beige
  • Pink Miracle – matte smokey melon
  • Peace – matte tea rose
  • Wonderland –matte smokey lavender
  • Hot Cocoa – matte mocha brown
  • Gingerbread – matte topaz brown
  • Toasty –matte smokey rose
  • Spice – matte cinnamon brown
  • Sugar Plum – rich matte purple
  • Starry Night – rich muted navy
  • Coal – deep matte slate


  1. Gorgeous! I would so love to buy this! <3 The colors resembles some matte shades of the Lorac Pro palette <3

  2. Hello. I would like to get both of these palettes. Do you do meetups? And if so when are you able to? I dont mind making my way to your place. Thank you. :)